Non Surgical Treatments: another very useful free website

Simple and easy to navigate, with just a couple of pages that connect with a main website, here you can see Non Surgical Treatments, created for free with 1 Minute Site.

Good choice of image for the header and simple connections: a good way to use our free website builder.

Into Non Surgical Treatments you can find a lot of useful advices regarding solution on how to get Non invasive treatment, non-invasive aesthetic procedures, alternative beauty treatments.

Have a look at the website and tell us what you think!


Here you have the latest free websites created with 1 Minute Site! Let’s have a glance and take ispiration from them….to create your own Free website!

Best free websites updated at 4/10/2012

Here you have the latest free websites created with 1 Minute Site! Let’s have a glance and take ispiration from them….to create your own Free website!





































Last websites created for free!

Just to have an idea about our websites, we’re going to provide you some links to see some of our friends’ templates and websites create by 1 Minute Site Free Version.
We would like to ’show’ you a little bit of our users experience. Their ’shop windows’ all look really nice and interesting, with new images, photos, videos and texts and above all good ideas!

We are really glad about these last creations, actually! So…take a look at some of them:

Prologo designers


– ‘Shadab Akhtar‘;




Those are just a foe emaple of what you can create with 1 Minute site, so take a glance get inspired by them Try 1 Minute Site for free!! It is free forever and it is very funny to join it!

Share-n-Know: a new Free website with 1 Minute Site

A  simple website, easy to navigate, and very funny. It is Share-n-know the web site created by Khushi & Smit to help all the people how need to share some kind of problems and not to feel alone! With a few details and very nice pictures, Khushi & Smit have been able to convey their interest in others and a willingness to lend a hand to those who need it. A smile is what you need as soon as you think a site, actually! Just image world without problem, without sorrow…it’s their claim, so let visit the web site!

Can’t help but Feel-Happy-Website

This title comes out the ‘happy-mood’ expressed in the last creation of 1 Minute Site Free Version.

Khushi and Smith have chosen 1 Minute Site to create a free website that talks about good emotions.

Thanks to this virtual space they understood they could reach a lot of people and spread their opinions and their help; in fact, the aim of this website is to provide people and users with the best solutions to avoid sorrow. Through a funny template, pictures about pets, lots of smiley and some texts, they have described their role to help people face life problems and feel good.

Take a look at their activity share-n-knowand if you think it’s a great and useful idea, just share and know more about this new way of spreading happiness!!

Just a simple idea and you can start a very interesting little business online; take this into account, above all if you have the chance to use free platform like this:

you only need to register and begin creating your website through a few and easy steps.

Are you still thinking about it? Try it now! It’s free…

Guerrilla Mktg in a dynamic content – how to write it

Taking for granted that all those who are reading this post know the meaning of ‘Guerrilla marketing‘, here you can find a reference to one of the best contemporary street writer artist – Banksy – (for further info and news please check this site: Artsyplus one of the best idea I’ve ever read about, by AVBH.

If you take a look at the following images, you could understand what this text is going to talk about…

Very cool..aren’t they? Well, those are 2 of the several animated gif that make Banksy works of art alive.

Here you are a brief definiton:

‘Animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are graphic images that are integrated on web pages that move’, they make your texts more dynamic and captivating.

And now let’s explain, more technically, how can you add it in a text to add to your website.

When you create a website, you must be creative and use some little tools that contribute to make a difference, in order to be attractive and draw readers attention – (hope so for this post!)

So, well, once you’ve found your GIF image – you only need to search for some Guerrilla mktg articles or blogs – you can add it to your contents by using some tools, as for example WordPress. Try also to create free website by using 1 Minute Site, a platform where you can have a try – to add your GIF images while creating a free website- for free.

How to:

If using WordPress or 1 Minute Site, the easiest way to add animated GIF is by clicking on ‘Add an Image’ icon on the top left of the text editor, then choose ‘From URL’, and copy the Image URL from your source and paste it in the WordPress field that appears. That’s it!

Now you can see your content alive!

Last Free Creative Websites

Here you are last free creations with 1 Minute Site. Users keep on creating their personal or company’s websites thanks to this easy and quick platform; a very intuitive way to make one’s own virtual space and reach high visibility online! In this case, usability is the first step to start with!

Take a look:









Qyuki: a new social media for creative minds

This is the new entry! Qyuki is the name of last frontier and it comes from India!

A young team of experts has developed this new social tool in order to provide people with a new world of creative expression, a new way to express oneself, or better, show one’s main features online.

Two are the names that it’s worthy to mention: Shekhar Kapur (BAFTA® winner) and A.R. Rahman (Academy Award® winner). They had this great idea to help people build their identity thanks to personal creations.

Qyuki is composed of 3 main sections: Creations | Community | Inspirations, and you can choose to create or upload your photos, videos (or better films…yes you can even write a script), stories and music! Everything that contributes to express yourself. Many are the ideas that it gives you to boost your creativity and your sense of imagination, rational or not.

Then, one last thing to say, if someone is interested in TED talks and conferences, well, one of Qyuki founder – Poonacha Machaiah – will be in Rome at TEDxTransmedia 2012! A great opportunity to directly speak with a creative mind like him!

Now, I suggest you to try it… even if it’s still in beta stage, you’ll be surprised about Qyuki graphic style and all the different virtual contents you can express.

Keywords & how worthy they are

Today we’re going to talk about a nice and quite good tool…or maybe….the best one I know, to check how worthy are Keywords in a text.

For those who are really interested in SEO and, in particular, in the on-page optimization, well, it is necessary to check KWs density, KWs proximity, but first of all: just Keywords.

Let’s go define what KWs Density is: it is the relation (%) of a keyword to the other words in a web page element. And now, what KWs Proximity is: it refers to the closeness between the keywords; the closer the they are, the better.

In a few words, in the majority of cases it is better to avoid any kind of conjunctions, because very often, users type just the main words they’re searching for, not the whole sentence.

You’d better to repeat the same keywords at the same distance in the title, description, h1 tag, links and contents.

After, the most important thing refers to the content you write: besides being an interesting and well-written text, you’d better to analyse it with technical tools before publishing it.

Here you are some tools to use:, to check how are the actual keywords of your contents;

live-keyword-analysis, obviously, to analyse your KWs;

These are just some suggestions….Take a look at them!

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