Guerrilla Mktg in a dynamic content – how to write it

Taking for granted that all those who are reading this post know the meaning of ‘Guerrilla marketing‘, here you can find a reference to one of the best contemporary street writer artist – Banksy – (for further info and news please check this site: Artsyplus one of the best idea I’ve ever read about, by AVBH.

If you take a look at the following images, you could understand what this text is going to talk about…

Very cool..aren’t they? Well, those are 2 of the several animated gif that make Banksy works of art alive.

Here you are a brief definiton:

‘Animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) are graphic images that are integrated on web pages that move’, they make your texts more dynamic and captivating.

And now let’s explain, more technically, how can you add it in a text to add to your website.

When you create a website, you must be creative and use some little tools that contribute to make a difference, in order to be attractive and draw readers attention – (hope so for this post!)

So, well, once you’ve found your GIF image – you only need to search for some Guerrilla mktg articles or blogs – you can add it to your contents by using some tools, as for example WordPress. Try also to create free website by using 1 Minute Site, a platform where you can have a try – to add your GIF images while creating a free website- for free.

How to:

If using WordPress or 1 Minute Site, the easiest way to add animated GIF is by clicking on ‘Add an Image’ icon on the top left of the text editor, then choose ‘From URL’, and copy the Image URL from your source and paste it in the WordPress field that appears. That’s it!

Now you can see your content alive!

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