Odrowąż 24 – integration of local communities in Poland

Odrowąż 24 www.odrowaz24.pl is local service that aims to integrate the inhabitants of Szydłowiec, Konecki, Opoczno, Przysucha and Skarżysko districts in Poland. These counties were the part of the Kielce voivodeship until 1975. When selecting the name of the website the team of professionals tried to find something that all the districts had in common and hence there is the reference to Odrowąż family, who enrolled in the history of that land. That’s why the name of the website is Odrowąż 24.

At the moment there are some sites that give the brief overview of the news from the region. The idea is to create more sites that will function as the components to Odrowąż 24 in the nearest future. The main task of those webpages is to promote local portals, blogs, institutions, associations, businesses and support economic and social development of the lands mentioned above via the Internet and its limitless possibilities.

Component websites to the news portal Odrowąż 24 are:

Those websites collect the information from the particular region and redirect to target sites where the visitors are able to read the whole article. Their aim is to promote local portals and blogs, collect all the information from the public institutions in one place and as a result broaden access to the information in the region.

In addition, the news portal Odrowaz 24 is also built on WordPress platform, which means that it is really easy and convenient to use.

Furthermore, new additional component websites to the news portal Odrowaz 24 will be created soon. For example, the catalogue of the companies in that particular region, advertising and job offers services and forum for residents of the region. The sites mentioned above will hopefully fill the gap that currently exists on the local market in the delivery of the services and information via the internet.

Sintra Consulting team was responsible for development and graphic design of the portal Odrowaz24.

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