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Sintra Consulting – polish version of the website

Our activities are oriented on Polish market already for a long time, that's the reason why we pay so much attention to strengthening the positions of our company and team in Rzeszow (Sub Carpathian Poland). Among Our clients are the wide-known leaders in their industries in the Polish market. For example, we have cooperated with [...]

E-commerce trends in 2015 : 1msite is still following them!

As showed in our past posts, year by year, E-commerce market has become an essential tool for advertisement and purchase of services and products regarding several sectors. Taking into account some data given by many research, many countries including Italy, Spain, France and Germany, have had substantial increments in using E-commerce platform, showing in that [...]

Visibility On Google : 4 key factors for a fabulous positioning still valid in 2015

Making a website and grabbing the chance to be in the top positions on Google it’s absolutely the dream of everyone. By the way, in order to make that dream possible, people must do their best paying attention to details, even the smallest ones. It is the latter which makes difference and the Searchmetrics analysis [...]

Studio Ferlenda: a new website

A very appealing and professional style: Today we introduce you to the new website of Studio Ferlenda, the design studio driven by the hardworking Rosalba Ferlenda. Although it was created in the free version, the site is very complete and has very good organization of its contents and a great photo gallery.  The site features [...]

Creating a Website: So much content but only 3 pages

I registered, choose my template, and now it's time to add content! After the first steps taken to create a site, the game was starting to get harder: I had to choose what to write, how to write, and mainly how to share information between the three pages in the free version. Many questions came [...]

AlemuS: a clean, organized view on a personal website

Minimalist, linear graphics and a totally black design: a new website of AlemuS, an Italian singer/songwriter. The site has many well organized sections: starting with a section dedicated to the songs, moving to one dedicated to the writings, and finishing with news and events. The content is well organized and easily accessible, the song lyrics are [...]

Choosing the Right Photo Editing Program

Every great website has pictures that give meaning to the words and messages that the website wants to display.  Your photos need to compliment your page in order to help viewers better understand the content.  Photos are important whether you are a retailer who wants to display your product, a restaurant who wants to show [...]

Cabanas Paloma del mar: a free website for a wonderful holiday!

Nowadays, a lot of travel agency or people that want to give a house for rent, use internet to show images of their hotels, apartments, close places, and the prices they request. Building a free website allows them to present their offer to people from every place of the world. The owner of some huts, [...]


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