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Our activities are oriented on Polish market already for a long time, that’s the reason why we pay so much attention to strengthening the positions of our company and team in Rzeszow (Sub Carpathian Poland). Among Our clients are the wide-known leaders in their industries in the Polish market. For example, we have cooperated with companies COMES (manufacturer of playground equipment) and PAMO (window manufacturer). Taking into account the long-term activities on the Polish market and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Sintra Consulting launched the Polish version of the website.

Web Marketing in Poland

Sintra Consulting is a renowned, international interactive agency that has its main office in the heart of sunny Tuscany – Arezzo. The other offices are located in Milan, London and Pisa, and now in Rzeszów!

Our office team in Rzeszow develops:

  • smart websites on 1 Minute Site, WordPress and Drupal Platform,
  • online catalogues,
  • eCommerce websites through MAGENTO platform,
  • SEO and Web Marketing on Polish, English, Russian and German markets

Sintra Consulting is always trying to offer the most innovative and creative solutions and is consistently striving to meet the objectives of the customers. Furthermore the team of professionals follows the latest innovations in mobile applications and sales solutions for B2B and B2C platforms.

The Sintra Consulting team in Rzeszów consists not only of very capable programmers and web marketing specialists, but also of the sales support team that have collected their experience on managerial positions in the largest sales platforms in Poland.

Web Marketing Services on East-Central European Markets

Thanks to the growing experience in Marketing and above all Web Marketing fields, Sintra Consulting concentrates mainly on improvement of products and services. Through a strategic approach to Internet processes and a market-oriented management of the resources, Sintra Consulting’s team focuses on a continuous learning and organizational development that are the key elements to enhance some collaborative skills.

The best part is that now Sintra Consulting’s official website is available in Polish

If you are interested in web marketing services on East-Central European markets, including such countries as Poland, Russia, Germany with hundreds millions of potential customers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! : )

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