Social media tips

Qyuki: a new social media for creative minds

This is the new entry! Qyuki is the name of last frontier and it comes from India! A young team of experts has developed this new social tool in order to provide people with a new world of creative expression, a new way to express oneself, or better, show one's main features online. Two are the [...]

Facebook, inescapable Facebook

How many of you still haven't dealt with FB? Maybe no one. This is why Facebook and all other social networks have become an essential part of our life and above all our work! Apart from the actual social side of its features, the main important thing is that it is becoming even more necessary [...]

Oneconventional Writing

Working-hours-as-a-Blogger If you’re bored about your work, if you were supposed to work hard and improve your computer and ‘social media skills’ day by day but things are different from what you expected, please, don’t panic! You’re not the only one in this kind of situation, for sure; someone can understand and share your mood… [...]

Fan your Page or Fan Yourself: any golden rules?

Have you just created a Facebook Fan Page? Ok, now be aware you’re available for business! So, please, concentrate all your efforts on spreading the news. Think about Fan Page high potential for interactivity, the chance to access lots of online apps and the possibility to manage it as you prefer and track its metrics. [...]

Social networking: well begun is half done…

How social media and social networking are important for our brands we all know, at least we should. A lot of studies prove that they are necessary to improve brand reputation, increase brand awareness and marketing challenges, build a strong brand identity, by spreading brand interaction. Social networks, in fact, allow any company to better [...]

Integration: this is the right way

Integration into society, integration into the web. Two different worlds with a lot of things in common. We’re not going to talk about sociology aspects of human beings, but about the integration that is developing through the different web platforms. In particular, there’s creative, original and colorful news that sees social networks and fashion clothing [...]

E-commerce ongoing…

No more time to go shopping? No more money to go shopping? There are several reasons to explain why the world of e-commerce is increasing. Maybe during coffee breaks at work, while having a snack, you’re always on…shopping online! E-commerce websites have a high market penetration, so the majority of users spends a lot of [...]

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