E-commerce ongoing…

No more time to go shopping? No more money to go shopping?

There are several reasons to explain why the world of e-commerce is increasing. Maybe during coffee breaks at work, while having a snack, you’re always on…shopping online!

E-commerce websites have a high market penetration, so the majority of users spends a lot of time on e-commerce websites.

Considering a European overview, the highest e-commerce penetration is in England, followed by France and Germany. In particular, the most popular categories are about Price Comparison, Clothing and Electronics. Specifically, the most popular e-commerce websites in UK are: Amazon, Home Retail Group, Apple, Tesco Stores; then, there are the best French e-commerce websites: Groupe PPR, Amazon Sites, Cdiscount, Groupe PriceMinister, Otto Gruppe; finally, the list of Germany: Amazon, Otto Gruppe, Apple, Bing Ciao, eBay Shops, Deutschland.

One thing is for sure: if this trend continues to increase, it means the clients are all satisfied with this new kind of market and, above all, their word of mouth helps to spread this voice.

In addiction to this, we can see one more phenomenon: the implementation of platforms that integrate social networks and markets, and the development of social media as selling resources is changing the way online businesses are marketing.

Today’s social commerce platforms are, for example, Starbuck’s, Best Buy, Asos and they’re becoming even more popular thanks to their ability to promote, sell and advertise their products, services and their brands.

Social media can be considered as a chance to add an emotional side to the purchases: by users, they are used as a medium to search for comments, advices and suggestions about a product or a service, or a way to get involved in a shopping community; brands, instead, can support their buyers and get them to buy even more. That’s why a full integration between socials and e-commerce websites is necessary. We can define this trend as social shopping, or shopping 2.0, the one you prefer.

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