Portal Szydłowiecki – example of local platform built on WordPress Thesis

Portal Szydłowiecki is built on WordPress Thesis platform. WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Portal Szydłowiecki presents mainly news and current affairs, which has not been introduced to Szydłowiec County market yet.

The main objective of the portal is to create favorable conditions for building a civic local community. It is an influential website which in addition to the variety of information from the field Szydlowiec County and the neighboring areas will contain the editorial content. Portal Szydlowiecki www.portalszydlowiecki.pl is a website that can play a huge role in the formation of civil society and local ties within that defined area.

Apart from providing the visitors of the website with local information, Portal Szydłowiecki will also contain articles about important events that took place in the country and in the world, especially those that more or less influence a way of life of the residents of Szydłowiec, Chlewiska, Jastrząb, Mirów or Orońsko regions in Poland. The visitors will also find a practical guide which will contain for example the contact information of government offices and institutions of Szydlowiec County, road transportation timetables, list of pharmacies on duty at night, on Sundays and over holidays etc.

Portal Szydłowiecki is a brand new news portal among the other media that are currently presented on the local market. It is characterized mainly by the great interest in the life of local community, in a variety of social, cultural and religious ties and different types of activity in economic educational and sporting field. Service also has a simple navigation system and very readable layout.

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