Facebook, inescapable Facebook

How many of you still haven’t dealt with FB? Maybe no one.

This is why Facebook and all other social networks have become an essential part of our life and above all our work!

Apart from the actual social side of its features, the main important thing is that it is becoming even more necessary for the companies and web agencies in general, in a business sense. At the moment, all companies have a Facebook Fan page to promote their activities.

These kind of pages are really a lot, but only a few are very well managed. People who are in charge of managing the social side of the company need to be aware of the current strategies to reach a good visibility. Because the aim is definitely to reach an high level of visibility.

Through some good social skills and time to spend on the platforms, it is possible to interact with users and friends.

Another important way to promote a company’s activity or products is through the online campaigns. Yes, also Facebook can improve your visibility thanks to Facebook online campaigns, or better texts advertisements.

It is possible to operate with CPC or CPM, cost per click or cost per impression; the kind of campaigns you choose depends on your aim. CPM is useful when you want your target to understand your promotional message or create awareness, while CPC makes sense if you want people to ‘land’ to your page; generally CPM ads are less expensive than CPC ones, but for this reason they are more at risk. It means CPM ads do not guarantee the same results as CPC ones, because it’s not so sure that people who see your ad is actually interested in your product, so they can be like a ‘fake’ interested clients.

Then you have to decide for the daily budget and the time periods of the campaign.

This is just the first part, the beginning of Facebook campaign, but it is not enough. You also need to create an effective landing page, where the text of the advertisement users read before, is repeated.

When users arrive to the landing page, your deal is almost done!

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