Fan your Page or Fan Yourself: any golden rules?

Have you just created a Facebook Fan Page? Ok, now be aware you’re available for business!

So, please, concentrate all your efforts on spreading the news.

Think about Fan Page high potential for interactivity, the chance to access lots of online apps and the possibility to manage it as you prefer and track its metrics.

There aren’t any golden rules, but first things to do concern the general settings of your page:

–       Use a good Profile Image; for example, if your Fan Page is created for your company, are you sure you want to use its logo for this profile? We suggest using something more kreative and appealing, try to be different!

–       Do the same for your description or your company’s one: think different, so use persuasive, assertive, concise and original style!

–       Don’t forget about general settings: define your traffic, by choosing things to display and people that can see your contents.

Start to boost your page by inviting your friends and creating a strong link building strategy with other profiles and pages that are useful and interesting for you.

Finally, don’t underestimate the following aspects:

–       Know your audience, you have to offer products, services, suggestions and tips that can be useful for it;

–       Be simple, your target market have to understand your contents;

–       Use all the possible media you can: use images, videos, articles, photos, surveys, as if you’re creating a

transmedia page;

–       Be authentic.

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