Integration: this is the right way

Integration into society, integration into the web. Two different worlds with a lot of things in common. We’re not going to talk about sociology aspects of human beings, but about the integration that is developing through the different web platforms.

In particular, there’s creative, original and colorful news that sees social networks and fashion clothing linked, virtual and real at the same time.

The creative mind behind this great idea is Neko-Vi – Victor Faretina – who realized the ‘Web in Vogue’ collections, the union between social networks new trend and fashion design. The idea came out when Megaupload file-sharing site was shut down by US officials. Why not remember it through a fashion dress – the passion of Victor -?

It’s like if social networks become real, or better, material, transforming into high style dresses. You can find Google, Facebook, Megaupload, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Msn, eBay, WordPress, Yahoo, Pinterest and even more styles in Neko’s gallery!

All of them are really wonderful and inspiring, it’s impossible to do critics, and well, the idea can be used to start new trends…probably we will see them real soon, perhaps we’ll able to see them in an online store, or even better, in the nearest shop of our city.

Then, it’s impossible to deny the potential of social networks, which makes you able to share contents, to start new trends, to be visible all around the world, so to spread your ideas and products and services.

One thing is for sure: Neko-Vi will be popular in a while, everywhere.

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