Social networking: well begun is half done…

How social media and social networking are important for our brands we all know, at least we should. A lot of studies prove that they are necessary to improve brand reputation, increase brand awareness and marketing challenges, build a strong brand identity, by spreading brand interaction.

Social networks, in fact, allow any company to better interact with customers or users, so help them to solve their problems, listen to their comments and opinions, answer to their questions, give them tips and suggestions. Moreover, the most important thing is that user gains an active role and he feels more involved in the brand experience.

Roles are reversed.

Very often, through the different social platforms, several brands ask the users for some suggestions about campaigns, or ideas about advertisements, or tips to better understand their will.

Business models are changing and make an effort to have always updated profiles on social media is a must! Some big companies prefer having specific social media agencies support, other to have social media in-house. In both cases, they need these platforms in order to be a symbol of innovation and take advantages from the genuine and direct relationship between them and their customers.

Here you are some of the pioneers of this trend, or better, the first brands that well began:

Ford – the top automotive brand;

Asos – the top retail brand;

Giffgaff – the top mobile brand;

Cancer Research, British Red Cross and ARKive – the top three charity brands.

So, just try help your brand with social media strategies…you’ll discover how much it is worth.

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