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If you’re bored about your work, if you were supposed to work hard and improve your computer and ‘social media skills’ day by day but things are different from what you expected, please, don’t panic! You’re not the only one in this kind of situation, for sure; someone can understand and share your mood…

The solution is: think different and ‘optimize’ your work by trying to consider it from another point of view!

For example, if you’re joining a new company and you have always to post new topics and contents in order to keep your blog update, and you lack of inspiration because you lack of inputs that can help you to enjoy your work, just put your feelings down on paper and you’ll discover it could be very helpful for you…and – hopefully – for your blog as well!


Web is full of news, images, comments and people, as a hazy hodgepodge of things and you can take advantages of this. Even if early in the morning and already stuck in the office, start to take a look around…in the web!

Firstly, visit blogs and read about news – in arts, IT, about brands, in social media world…the topic you prefer – you’ll discover something able to draw your attention and curiosity… and you’ll be inspired by it.

Then, try to be positive and ‘socially’ involved, even if your mood tells you the contrary; and you’ll see how web could give you a lot of ideas and your mind will be busy in one second!

If you like, here you can find some nice and interesting ‘socially involved’ blogs that could make your ‘working-hours-as-blogger’ more alive!





Their topics range over a variety of subjects, so you’ve got the opportunity to choose your inspirational item!

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