Visibility On Google : 4 key factors for a fabulous positioning still valid in 2015

Making a website and grabbing the chance to be in the top positions on Google it’s absolutely the dream of everyone.

By the way, in order to make that dream possible, people must do their best paying attention to details, even the smallest ones.

It is the latter which makes difference and the Searchmetrics analysis is showing us so! Such research, mostly, pointed out the website common factors we can find in the Google top 10 positions.

These factors are not the obvious recipe to raise your business, perhaps if you combine them with many advices we provided you in the past, well, then everything could be bit easier. 

We have translated freely the Icongraphic that SearchMetrics has produced highlighting the fundamental factors for a valuable positioning on Google.

Key Factor #1 : Increase relevant contents of the users

survival tip 1

The first component shared in the Url field object of our study is : a relevant and holistic content. What does “holistic content” mean?

An holistic approach refers to complex system study. Consumers when conducting research, they do not usually insert  a single keyword but sentences (complex system). This means that contents, beyond possessing a great number of keywords, they must comprise a specific combination of linked sentences and relevant with the topic given. It’s harder to explain than providing it! Avoid pressures, create linear speeches, try to be as most understandable as you can, without many technical words, then you will notice you have positively replied to questions of your target readers.

The next component shared in the Url field basically is to give importance to a relevant content rather than advertisement on internet. As we said many times : please stop with media hype, stop with Adlinks!

The best positioned Url have been focused on well-defined contents matching target customer needs.

Analyze carefully what your clientele needs and try to shape your contents based on their requests.

Although keywords are still an essential element for website positioning, you should keep in mind to contextualize, adding synonymous and different combinations of words so you can penetrate niche markets reaching in this way your long tail.

It doesn’t matter the keyword number, only the message you are trying to communicate is fundamental so accordingly to this we often hear “relevant contents”. Keep in mind, visitors are reading your page and if they find too many trash words and content not interesting at all, they will be forced to switch to another page in order to find information they need.

Keyfactor #2 : create a solid website architecture

survival tip 2

Also technical factors are absolutely necessary !

A well-defined architecture of website is another shared element of the top 10 url analyzed and it’s based on two features : the website speed and meta description. A user doesn’t want to spend much time waiting for your awesome website loading: it should not take more than 2 seconds otherwise the user will run away surely from your page.

Next important point which characterizes an attractive architecture is the Meta Tag Description, an algorithm instructions for search engines, included  into pages,  as a html code and invisible for visitors. They have the extremely important role to indicate to search engines some determined parameters, such as language used, description, main keywords, etc.

 Keyfactor#3  : Get high-quality backlinks survival tip 3

Well, now we are in the toughest part to realize : obtaining high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are links comprised into other websites able to send users back straight away to your site and they have the main role to calculate page popularity.

There are several methods to create a good backlink network, for example reporting your website to a directory that is massively famous, creating some relevant contents including links, starting from anchor text optimized for the page to place, sharing digital contents on relevant platform ( eg Slideshare), uploading video on Youtube and Vimeo as well, sharing contents on social network always showing the link of the page itself.

Key factor #4: Social signal as a bonus!

survival tip 4

Is your website enough social ?

A Shared element in the selected Url is the presence of Social signal.

They are quite useful for search engines to identify and to locate positive contents. Try to imagine your content gets 50 likes and that it has been shared by dozen people, then contents will appear on their walls and, even more, they’ll be getting other likes…Google, trough social signal, is able to understand if the page content is attractive and interesting. In case readers like it, with the results they’ve shared content, it will mean we are dealing with an interesting, useful, enjoyable content and of course it deserves an award!



Finally it is possible to assert that relationship between a good positioning and high-quality, relevant contents and technical architecture of web onpage and backlinks, is raising. Instead, concerning correlation of social signal which is still quite high, the casual analysis between them and the better positioning is mainly hard to valuate.

What you just need now is to be back working and make some improvements on your website in order to climb google top10 positions.

We’ll never stop saying the magic position , to be first on google,  doesn’t exist at all, but it is possible to improve different features, online and offline, expecting some good results with this. The web is an ever-changing world where being daily updated is one of the most important action you can do! So right now, Enjoy your job!

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