Creating a Website: So much content but only 3 pages

I registered, choose my template, and now it’s time to add content!

After the first steps taken to create a site, the game was starting to get harder: I had to choose what to write, how to write, and mainly how to share information between the three pages in the free version.

Many questions came to my mind – How can I capture the attention of users? How should I write my sentences? Should they be long and go into the details, or short and concise? And which font should I use, what size?

I concluded that all the answers were the same: to postpone all of these problems until later!

Initially I added some detail, everything that could explain the best profession for my sister.

I started from the Homepage by clicking “add content” and began describing the event of psychotherapy that C. organizes monthly.

Our goal is to increase participation in this event, so dedicating the entire first page seemed the best option!

In doing so I also completed the second and third pages, dedicated respectively to “who I am and what I do” and “contacts”.

In the first section, I described the approach used, the ailments it covers, and her life curriculum.  It was especially difficult to decide which of the two parties to give a greater prominence, so I put it in the upper right corner, which has more space devoted from the system (more than half the page width).

In the second section, contacts, perhaps the most seemingly simple, I just had to enter emails, telephone numbers, and addresses. Easy!

Now I think it it would be good to give my site some originality and creativity!


I had a really great result! I’m excited to expand and keep working on my free website!

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Elisa Stocchi

Elisa Stocchi wrote this article for the 1 Minute Site blog.
Passionate about the web, she chose to make her first site in 1 Minute Site and wants to share with us her experience.


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