Odrowąż 24 – integration of local communities in Poland

Odrowąż 24 www.odrowaz24.pl is local service that aims to integrate the inhabitants of Szydłowiec, Konecki, Opoczno, Przysucha and Skarżysko districts in Poland. These counties were the part of the Kielce voivodeship until 1975. When selecting the name of the website the team of professionals tried to find something that all the districts had in common and hence there is the reference to Odrowąż family, who enrolled in the history of that land. That’s why the name of the website is Odrowąż 24.

At the moment there are some sites that give the brief overview of the news from the region. The idea is to create more sites that will function as the components to Odrowąż 24 in the nearest future. The main task of those webpages is to promote local portals, blogs, institutions, associations, businesses and support economic and social development of the lands mentioned above via the Internet and its limitless possibilities.

Component websites to the news portal Odrowąż 24 are:

Those websites collect the information from the particular region and redirect to target sites where the visitors are able to read the whole article. Their aim is to promote local portals and blogs, collect all the information from the public institutions in one place and as a result broaden access to the information in the region.

In addition, the news portal Odrowaz 24 is also built on WordPress platform, which means that it is really easy and convenient to use.

Furthermore, new additional component websites to the news portal Odrowaz 24 will be created soon. For example, the catalogue of the companies in that particular region, advertising and job offers services and forum for residents of the region. The sites mentioned above will hopefully fill the gap that currently exists on the local market in the delivery of the services and information via the internet.

Sintra Consulting team was responsible for development and graphic design of the portal Odrowaz24.

Sintra Consulting – polish version of the website

Our activities are oriented on Polish market already for a long time, that’s the reason why we pay so much attention to strengthening the positions of our company and team in Rzeszow (Sub Carpathian Poland). Among Our clients are the wide-known leaders in their industries in the Polish market. For example, we have cooperated with companies COMES (manufacturer of playground equipment) and PAMO (window manufacturer). Taking into account the long-term activities on the Polish market and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Sintra Consulting launched the Polish version of the website.

Web Marketing in Poland

Sintra Consulting is a renowned, international interactive agency that has its main office in the heart of sunny Tuscany – Arezzo. The other offices are located in Milan, London and Pisa, and now in Rzeszów!

Our office team in Rzeszow develops:

  • smart websites on 1 Minute Site, WordPress and Drupal Platform,
  • online catalogues,
  • eCommerce websites through MAGENTO platform,
  • SEO and Web Marketing on Polish, English, Russian and German markets

Sintra Consulting is always trying to offer the most innovative and creative solutions and is consistently striving to meet the objectives of the customers. Furthermore the team of professionals follows the latest innovations in mobile applications and sales solutions for B2B and B2C platforms.

The Sintra Consulting team in Rzeszów consists not only of very capable programmers and web marketing specialists, but also of the sales support team that have collected their experience on managerial positions in the largest sales platforms in Poland.

Web Marketing Services on East-Central European Markets

Thanks to the growing experience in Marketing and above all Web Marketing fields, Sintra Consulting concentrates mainly on improvement of products and services. Through a strategic approach to Internet processes and a market-oriented management of the resources, Sintra Consulting’s team focuses on a continuous learning and organizational development that are the key elements to enhance some collaborative skills.

The best part is that now Sintra Consulting’s official website is available in Polish


If you are interested in web marketing services on East-Central European markets, including such countries as Poland, Russia, Germany with hundreds millions of potential customers, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! : )

Portal Szydłowiecki – example of local platform built on WordPress Thesis

Portal Szydłowiecki is built on WordPress Thesis platform. WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes. Portal Szydłowiecki presents mainly news and current affairs, which has not been introduced to Szydłowiec County market yet.

The main objective of the portal is to create favorable conditions for building a civic local community. It is an influential website which in addition to the variety of information from the field Szydlowiec County and the neighboring areas will contain the editorial content. Portal Szydlowiecki www.portalszydlowiecki.pl is a website that can play a huge role in the formation of civil society and local ties within that defined area.

Apart from providing the visitors of the website with local information, Portal Szydłowiecki will also contain articles about important events that took place in the country and in the world, especially those that more or less influence a way of life of the residents of Szydłowiec, Chlewiska, Jastrząb, Mirów or Orońsko regions in Poland. The visitors will also find a practical guide which will contain for example the contact information of government offices and institutions of Szydlowiec County, road transportation timetables, list of pharmacies on duty at night, on Sundays and over holidays etc.

Portal Szydłowiecki is a brand new news portal among the other media that are currently presented on the local market. It is characterized mainly by the great interest in the life of local community, in a variety of social, cultural and religious ties and different types of activity in economic educational and sporting field. Service also has a simple navigation system and very readable layout.

COMES – manufacturer of playground equipment from Poland

COMES is a company that specializes on building the high quality playgrounds for children. The company concentrates not only on the entertainment factor, but mainly on the level of security of the playgrounds. The director of the organization states, that the greatest reward for the hard work and commitment is the customers’ satisfaction and the laughter of children.

As an experienced manufacturer of playground equipment and fancy metal casting, COMES www.comes.pl offers high quality products. The colorful playground equipment is located in thousands of places throughout the country.

Sintra Consulting and 1 Minute Site team was responsible for the reconstruction of the main page. Upgrading of site preceded with the ongoing work on the change of the company’s visual identity, for example the logo. The new logo of COMES is keeping up with the new trends in the logo design, it is solid, straight cut, lightweight and non-aggressive colors with positive connotations became the basis for the new brand.

In the following stages Sintra Consulting’s team will continue to work on subdomains of COMES – Playgrounds – www.placezabaw.comes.pl and Architects – www.architekci.comes.pl

COMES homepage aims to facilitate the contact between users that are browsing the website and the company’s support team. For example, the visitors can easily submit inquiries and subscribe to the mailing list. The great emphasis is also put on the website optimization. The idea is that visitors can easily find the services that are offered by the manufacturer of playground equipment.

Check out the link that will take you directly to a new website of playgrounds manufacturer: www.comes.pl

E-commerce trends in 2015 : 1msite is still following them!

Ecommerce-CommandmentsAs showed in our past posts, year by year, E-commerce market has become an essential tool for advertisement and purchase of services and products regarding several sectors. Taking into account some data given by many research, many countries including Italy, Spain, France and Germany, have had substantial increments in using E-commerce platform, showing in that way a positive trend increased of 25% in 2013 and still higher in 2014, exactly up to 47%. The trend, mainly, is due to the substantial and deep changing in the people life-style, basically busy and hectic. Therefore, from one side, the daily demand of clients to purchase online, in the other side, the need for supplier to provide and develop new system and at the same time improving solutions already existing in the market in order to successfully satisfy several requests and needs of clients. Such data, concerning Italy, have been further confirmed thanks to a Deloitte research, which is mostly substaining the 45% of Italian population can be defined as “digital omnivorous” , indicating in such way all people who own contemporarily a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

To all these assumptions we should add info coming from a research made by Shopify which is emphasizing that, between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2105, there has been a strong boost in mobile purchases, estimating that 33% of different purchases were made trough smartphone or tablet rather than from desktop.mobile-traffic

These data highlight how the trend is still raising up, as we could notice that in 2012 purchases were just only the 12% and in 2013 a little bit higher up to 23%. Therefore, just showing number, we could assert that the E-commerce market in 2014, and only  in two years, has had an incredible boost up to 175% but still more persuasive is the creation of mobile account for E-commerce that has overtaken those regarding desktop.


Mainly these numbers and percentages, if rigorously studied, reveal how nowadays lifestyle are even more extreme, indeed we could easily recognize in such behaviour the difficulties met by any worker to pledge time for shopping, to spend time for evaluating and comparing several products, the troubles to combine working hours with opening and closing hours of shops. Probably, is the latter the principal reason : the customer knows that E-commerce market is never closed, no opening or closing hours or even any clerk who should show you something; a laptop, a smartphone or tablet as well is enough to make your purchase, even some minutes before sleeping. All these factors made possible for the consumers optimizing the time during single day, nowaydays still a huge rebus for many of them , giving in this way to clients daily implicit profit.

Here’s an hourly breakdown of sales in a typical day to show how and when people shop. The most popular time to buy online is weekdays between 12-2pm and on Sunday evenings.always-on

Finally, we could assert we are in front of a genuine turnaround, therefore 1msite, listening frequently to client needs , is still improving to satisfy requests giving daily possibility to create website, even for free, with the E-commerce platform option. Moreover, still following the current trend, 1msite has developed and improved many new responsive templates available not only for desktop but also for mobile devices. All these efforts are made to increase service efficiency trying in these way to pay attention and accomplish the tacit requests of mobile consumers.

Visibility On Google : 4 key factors for a fabulous positioning still valid in 2015

Making a website and grabbing the chance to be in the top positions on Google it’s absolutely the dream of everyone.

By the way, in order to make that dream possible, people must do their best paying attention to details, even the smallest ones.

It is the latter which makes difference and the Searchmetrics analysis is showing us so! Such research, mostly, pointed out the website common factors we can find in the Google top 10 positions.

These factors are not the obvious recipe to raise your business, perhaps if you combine them with many advices we provided you in the past, well, then everything could be bit easier. 

We have translated freely the Icongraphic that SearchMetrics has produced highlighting the fundamental factors for a valuable positioning on Google.

Key Factor #1 : Increase relevant contents of the users

survival tip 1

The first component shared in the Url field object of our study is : a relevant and holistic content. What does “holistic content” mean?

An holistic approach refers to complex system study. Consumers when conducting research, they do not usually insert  a single keyword but sentences (complex system). This means that contents, beyond possessing a great number of keywords, they must comprise a specific combination of linked sentences and relevant with the topic given. It’s harder to explain than providing it! Avoid pressures, create linear speeches, try to be as most understandable as you can, without many technical words, then you will notice you have positively replied to questions of your target readers.

The next component shared in the Url field basically is to give importance to a relevant content rather than advertisement on internet. As we said many times : please stop with media hype, stop with Adlinks!

The best positioned Url have been focused on well-defined contents matching target customer needs.

Analyze carefully what your clientele needs and try to shape your contents based on their requests.

Although keywords are still an essential element for website positioning, you should keep in mind to contextualize, adding synonymous and different combinations of words so you can penetrate niche markets reaching in this way your long tail.

It doesn’t matter the keyword number, only the message you are trying to communicate is fundamental so accordingly to this we often hear “relevant contents”. Keep in mind, visitors are reading your page and if they find too many trash words and content not interesting at all, they will be forced to switch to another page in order to find information they need.

Keyfactor #2 : create a solid website architecture

survival tip 2

Also technical factors are absolutely necessary !

A well-defined architecture of website is another shared element of the top 10 url analyzed and it’s based on two features : the website speed and meta description. A user doesn’t want to spend much time waiting for your awesome website loading: it should not take more than 2 seconds otherwise the user will run away surely from your page.

Next important point which characterizes an attractive architecture is the Meta Tag Description, an algorithm instructions for search engines, included  into pages,  as a html code and invisible for visitors. They have the extremely important role to indicate to search engines some determined parameters, such as language used, description, main keywords, etc.

 Keyfactor#3  : Get high-quality backlinks survival tip 3

Well, now we are in the toughest part to realize : obtaining high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are links comprised into other websites able to send users back straight away to your site and they have the main role to calculate page popularity.

There are several methods to create a good backlink network, for example reporting your website to a directory that is massively famous, creating some relevant contents including links, starting from anchor text optimized for the page to place, sharing digital contents on relevant platform ( eg Slideshare), uploading video on Youtube and Vimeo as well, sharing contents on social network always showing the link of the page itself.

Key factor #4: Social signal as a bonus!

survival tip 4

Is your website enough social ?

A Shared element in the selected Url is the presence of Social signal.

They are quite useful for search engines to identify and to locate positive contents. Try to imagine your content gets 50 likes and that it has been shared by dozen people, then contents will appear on their walls and, even more, they’ll be getting other likes…Google, trough social signal, is able to understand if the page content is attractive and interesting. In case readers like it, with the results they’ve shared content, it will mean we are dealing with an interesting, useful, enjoyable content and of course it deserves an award!



Finally it is possible to assert that relationship between a good positioning and high-quality, relevant contents and technical architecture of web onpage and backlinks, is raising. Instead, concerning correlation of social signal which is still quite high, the casual analysis between them and the better positioning is mainly hard to valuate.

What you just need now is to be back working and make some improvements on your website in order to climb google top10 positions.

We’ll never stop saying the magic position , to be first on google,  doesn’t exist at all, but it is possible to improve different features, online and offline, expecting some good results with this. The web is an ever-changing world where being daily updated is one of the most important action you can do! So right now, Enjoy your job!

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Studio Ferlenda: a new website

A very appealing and professional style: Today we introduce you to the new website of Studio Ferlenda, the design studio driven by the hardworking Rosalba Ferlenda.

Although it was created in the free version, the site is very complete and has very good organization of its contents and a great photo gallery.  The site features images of the various projects carried out by Rosalba. A small preview is already visible on the home page with a fantastic slideshow.

But not only her projects: Rosalba tells much about herself and her plans.

In short, we thought Rosalba’s website was a good example of a website for architects. Check it out for some inspiration!

Google Analytics: Beginning to track your site visits

Now begins our journey to discover Google Analytics!  Today we will do an analysis of the visitors and how the access your site.

But let’s start by defining some key concepts , which are fundamental to better understand the Analytics data:

VISITS: The number of time your website attracts a click to a page.

AVERAGE LENGTH OF VISIT: this is determined by the duration of the session. The timer ends after 30 minutes of user inactivity .

UNIQUE VISITORS: When we speak of “visitors” we refer to the number of people who have had an interaction with our website in a very specific time frame. The number of visitors in a given period takes into account all the visitors who have come once or more to the site. And for this reason it is appropriate to take as a reference the number of unique visitors. In this case, if a user enters a site more than once in a given period, the visit will be counted only once as a unique visitor .

NEW VISITORS vs. RETURN VISITORS: We define “new visitors” as those who access to the site for the first time. If a visitor enters your site on Monday and then enters it again Thursday, the first case will be counted as a new visitor only once, in reference to the visit on a Monday, and as a return visitor on Thursday.

BOUNCE RATE: This is a very interesting figure.  It denotes the percentage of visits that do not go beyond the home page before they leave from your site.


In addition to this information available from the home page, Analytics allows us to know in detail much useful information to fully know your audience.


In particular:






GEOGRAPHIC DATA (language, location)


BEHAVIOR (new and returning visitors , duration of visit)


TECHNOLOGY (browser used for navigation )


FLOW OF VISITORS: Here you can get an overview on the behavior of users within your site, analyzing visits and dropouts for each page of your site.


Stay tuned for new insights on how to analyze the traffic of your site!


Create a Free Wedding Website this Spring!



Spring – flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and love is in the air.  Every Spring, thousands of couples across America stand at the alter and exchange their vows of love.  Weddings are a joyous event with much celebration, but a lot of planning.

The weeks leading up to the wedding can be some of the most stressful days of your life.  Selecting outfits, choosing colors, booking venues, and inviting guests can become a bit of a burden, but thankfully with the implementation of technology, this struggle is getting easier each year.

Wedding Websites – Wedsites – have now made planning, organizing, and relaying info for your wedding much simpler.  Couples are using wedsites to display their invitation, show engagement photos, give detailed travel info, and much more!  Getting creative with your wedsite can leave you with a memory that you can treasure for years to come. 1 Minute Site is the best resource for your perfect Wedsite! With functions like Custom URLs, Photo Albums, Google Maps, YouTube Videos, Visually Appealing Templates, and Attachments, what more could you ask for?

Creating a custom URL allows you to develop a creative, cute website.  You can use your names, like BradAndAngelina.com, MrAndMrsSmith.com, or a phrase that is important to you, Brangelina.com, IandLoveandYou.com – get creative!

With photo albums, upload your engagement photos to get people excited! Upload pictures of the venues so that people can recognize the buildings when they arrive.  YouTube  videos come in handy to show scenes from the wedding planning – trying on dresses, meeting the caterers, and all the excitement planning!

Google Maps and attachments are perfect for the out-of-town guests.  Upload your wedding invitation for all to see.  Add a map that helps people plan their directions, by plane, train, or automobile!

Not only are all of these things offered free (okay, a completely customized URL costs a little extra, but it’s still a bargain!), but you don’t need ANY coding knowledge and you have access to many beautiful, elegant templates.

You have already said “yes” to him, now make another great decision and say yes to an easy, elegant website with 1msite.com!

Creating a Website: So much content but only 3 pages

I registered, choose my template, and now it’s time to add content!

After the first steps taken to create a site, the game was starting to get harder: I had to choose what to write, how to write, and mainly how to share information between the three pages in the free version.

Many questions came to my mind – How can I capture the attention of users? How should I write my sentences? Should they be long and go into the details, or short and concise? And which font should I use, what size?

I concluded that all the answers were the same: to postpone all of these problems until later!

Initially I added some detail, everything that could explain the best profession for my sister.

I started from the Homepage by clicking “add content” and began describing the event of psychotherapy that C. organizes monthly.

Our goal is to increase participation in this event, so dedicating the entire first page seemed the best option!

In doing so I also completed the second and third pages, dedicated respectively to “who I am and what I do” and “contacts”.

In the first section, I described the approach used, the ailments it covers, and her life curriculum.  It was especially difficult to decide which of the two parties to give a greater prominence, so I put it in the upper right corner, which has more space devoted from the system (more than half the page width).

In the second section, contacts, perhaps the most seemingly simple, I just had to enter emails, telephone numbers, and addresses. Easy!

Now I think it it would be good to give my site some originality and creativity!


I had a really great result! I’m excited to expand and keep working on my free website!

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Passionate about the web, she chose to make her first site in 1 Minute Site and wants to share with us her experience.


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