Google Analytics: Beginning to track your site visits

Now begins our journey to discover Google Analytics!  Today we will do an analysis of the visitors and how the access your site.

But let’s start by defining some key concepts , which are fundamental to better understand the Analytics data:

VISITS: The number of time your website attracts a click to a page.

AVERAGE LENGTH OF VISIT: this is determined by the duration of the session. The timer ends after 30 minutes of user inactivity .

UNIQUE VISITORS: When we speak of “visitors” we refer to the number of people who have had an interaction with our website in a very specific time frame. The number of visitors in a given period takes into account all the visitors who have come once or more to the site. And for this reason it is appropriate to take as a reference the number of unique visitors. In this case, if a user enters a site more than once in a given period, the visit will be counted only once as a unique visitor .

NEW VISITORS vs. RETURN VISITORS: We define “new visitors” as those who access to the site for the first time. If a visitor enters your site on Monday and then enters it again Thursday, the first case will be counted as a new visitor only once, in reference to the visit on a Monday, and as a return visitor on Thursday.

BOUNCE RATE: This is a very interesting figure.  It denotes the percentage of visits that do not go beyond the home page before they leave from your site.


In addition to this information available from the home page, Analytics allows us to know in detail much useful information to fully know your audience.


In particular:






GEOGRAPHIC DATA (language, location)


BEHAVIOR (new and returning visitors , duration of visit)


TECHNOLOGY (browser used for navigation )


FLOW OF VISITORS: Here you can get an overview on the behavior of users within your site, analyzing visits and dropouts for each page of your site.


Stay tuned for new insights on how to analyze the traffic of your site!


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