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Google Analytics: Beginning to track your site visits

Now begins our journey to discover Google Analytics!  Today we will do an analysis of the visitors and how the access your site. But let's start by defining some key concepts , which are fundamental to better understand the Analytics data: - VISITS: The number of time your website attracts a click to a page. [...]

Search Engine Positioning: Google AdWords could help you

A deep relationship between Pay Per Click campaigns and a website traffic growth has always been took for granted, and not only by Seo specialists. Sometime ago, Google decided to better explain this aspect by affirming that in order to maximize the traffic of a website, you need to follow both of these criteria: - [...]

Yes, We Key!

How to keywords? Here you are some suggestions to find the best tool, choose the best keywords, be in the right ‘high’ position while creating your website and adding contents to your pages. You have to take into account some specific steps that could help you to be ‘noticed’ by search engines. So, well, one [...]

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