Yes, We Key!

How to keywords? Here you are some suggestions to find the best tool, choose the best keywords, be in the right ‘high’ position while creating your website and adding contents to your pages. You have to take into account some specific steps that could help you to be ‘noticed’ by search engines.

So, well, one of the first things to do is identifying the best keywords or phrases.

But how to figure out which are the best?

The criterion to select them is based on a Traffic/Competition Ratio. It means that you have to consider the words with high search volume by users and a low SERP competition.

You may not be aware of it, but there are many tools at your disposal that are very easy to use and access. These could be the easiest way to make your website popular!

Here you are some suggestions about Keywords tools:

–       Google AdWords, maybe the most common keyword tool;

–       Google Insights for Search, which shows statistics about the use of keywords;

–       YouTube keyword tool, very helpful to find new ideas about keywords.

All of these tools generate potential interesting keywords that are necessary to be reached by search engines. The keywords give you a clear idea of what people are searching for on the web, so they can be considered as a ‘link’ between your own content and the rest of contents, your own page and users.

That’s why they are a plus point for your visibility. Besides, you can also have statistics about your contents, considering in particular visibility, visitors overview, visit duration and so many further aspects. This is useful to start ad campaigns and create websites, pages and paragraphs from a different perspective, the ‘SEO-addressed’ one.

Through an effective ad campaign, you can be listed in search engines, reaching the SERP top position. It depends on your choices, on the keywords you choose to use and the contents you write, and above all, on the user experience you can provide. If your contents are interesting and captivating, well written and consistent with the topic of the page or the title of the paragraph, well, you have the chance to provide useful information or offer a great service to the users.

It’s all about providing the better experience, competing with the rest of users (or services offered), and this applies to your personal world as well as the business context.

Does it worth using one of these search engine tool?

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