Search Engine Positioning: Google AdWords could help you

A deep relationship between Pay Per Click campaigns and a website traffic growth has always been took for granted, and not only by Seo specialists.

Sometime ago, Google decided to better explain this aspect by affirming that in order to maximize the traffic of a website, you need to follow both of these criteria:

– be positioned on search engines

– use AdWords PPC campaigns;

This is written in the Impact of ranking of organic search results on the incrementality of search ads report, published by Google some months ago.

So, Google showed that 89% of PPC campaign clicks that appeared on the side of organic results had always increased – and are still increasing -, that is to say that visits via clicking on ads give different data from the visits via clicking on organic results.

Considering this last research, it has been shown that 81% of impressions and 66% of clicks on ads are registered when there is no organic result shown in the first page of a search.

Source: The Italian ‘‘,

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