Weblogging: We Blog or Web Log?

Don’t try to think about a right choice. There’s a connection between the two terms.

Usually, people start blogging because they need to interact, by creating, writing and speaking things out loud; and people start logging into their web pages for the same reason.

Yes, we all know, the web offers you the chance to behave and be different from reality; but if people think that it is possible to create, speak or write anything, express any kind of comment, try just to put the words on your webpage as they come into your mind.

Well, nobody will notice your content; unless you have a lot of spontaneously-SEO writing skills that could help you positioning on the first pages of search engines and people could be able to see your link.

Be able to merge your creativity to the technical skills for online marketing is very difficult; you have to study a lot, or better, to experience with this field. It’s like if you should agree to a compromise, the weblogging compromise.

Just try to limit your stream of consciousness and submit – but not too much – to market rules.

These are our suggestions:

– Think about what you would like to tell the world.

– Then think about what the world would search on the web.

– Then link these two thoughts: you’ll realize they could have something in common.

– This is the key, or better these are the keywords: just use them to categorize your contents.

– Think always to your potential, don’t let these rules overpass your writing rhythm, syntax

and Kreativity.

Compromise solution. Double sense.

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