HCO?…Human Contents Optimization

What are we talking about? It’s a sort of SEO, but in this case the protagonists are human, or better ‘the human factor’. Definitely, the aim of any SEO specialist is to get his contents to the top of Google searches, through web pages indexing and their positioning.

At the beginning of this process there’s optimization, a method that is useful to increase the consistency and coherence of the topics and the words used in the different texts of our contents.

Seo specialists have to work on the structure of the pages, optimizing meta tags, keyword density and its context – improving the navigational buttons and menus. In this way, search engines spiders can have an idea of the written content and position it in the serp.

There are different criteria to take into account to get your page positioned:

–       title, head, tags, meta tags and copyright info must be optimized;

–       keywords of the page mustn’t have too much competition;

–       page reaches its popularity after a certain amount of time, depending on link building and its ‘seniority’, so you have to

wait a little bit;

Then, here you are some more elements, depending on search engine and spiders:

–       site speed (or page speed);

–       keywords placement within the HTML;

–       prominence and proximity;

Last but not least, our dear Human Optimization, in the sense that besides all the technical strategies a SEO can use, we also have to consider the human aspect, the real mind that is behind the contents, the creative thought. In fact, the very important element is the real content, the words we write. Texts have to be created for the users, so be useful for their searches. In our pages, we have to provide the right answers to their questions, spontaneously and in an original way. Yes, it is, the real aim is to help the users

In short, a good mix between SEO and HOC, techniques and strategies plus individual inspiration, creativeness and intuition could be the rightest answer to your web contents writing.

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