Online campaigns: to pop or not to pop?

For those who want to improve their website or product visibility, for those who want to increase their brand awareness, for those who want to reach lead generation db: online campaigns are the most suitable way to have good results in a few time.

Considering the wide range of opportunities that Web offers, you are free to decide which kind of strategy to activate. Banners are obviously the best things to send a message to your clients. It doesn’t matter if the message is communicated by a text or a graphics, the only important thing is that it has to appear in the right place & at the right moment! Delicate issue.

We are going to analyse 3 specific kind of banners: pop up, pop under and interstitial banners.

When is the best case to pop up?

Pop up banners campaigns are very useful to draw users attention; they are very popular because of their capability to ‘be visible’ and appear to the users – with text or graphics. This kind of strategy could be also considered as ‘invasive’ so you must pay attention to use pop up banners. High expertise has to be applied, because if not applying a well-structured techniques, there is the risk to dangerously encroach on users’ territory. So be careful and try to avoid the ‘boomerang’ effect!

Pop under banners, instead, are windows that appear ‘under’ the user’s one. This means that user can enjoy its web experience and read the info he was searching for, and after finishing this action, these banners pop. So they are less invasive than pop up and you can risk less. Moreover, they are very useful in case of launching a new product or for a start up visibility.

Finally, let’s talk about interstitial campaigns. They develop through full screen windows that appear in a separate pop up browser window, between two different web pages. They can be compared to  TV commercials in a TV program. They generally last from 5 to 30 seconds and can include images, animations and videos.

Hence, to pop or not to pop is not the right question. As generally known, the main important thing is to make our advertising funny, different, original and remarkable, avoiding to annoy the users. Keep it simple, keep it funny!

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