Not so virtual net-words

Have you ever listened to people talking about ‘internetting’ or saying “I’m a netpreneur” or have you ever read about ‘netnography’?

Well, if you think they’re related to the NET world, you’re right, but let’s find out the exact meaning…

…and don’t worry, because while writing this article, also Microsoft Office Word dictionary doesn’t recognize these ‘high-tech-nical terms’!

So, starting from the first-mentioned term, here you are a little list:

–       ‘Internetting’ or ‘interneting’: to make use of the Internet, finding information or tips, suggestions, whatever; and also, the use of Internet in the communication field, considering for example emails, instant messages, chatlines, etc…;

–       ‘Netpreneur’, in this way is defined the man that is entrepreneur in the internet world; pay attention to not mistake with the definition of ‘virtual entrepreneur’…it could sound a little bit ‘offensive’;

–       ‘Netnography’, as you could imagine, is the branch of ethnography that studies the behaviour of people on the Internet through the online marketing research tools;

–       ‘Netizen’ – easy – it derives from the combination of the words ‘internet’ and ‘citizen’, so it describes people who are member of ‘internet society’;

–       HCO-Human Contents Optimization’, to be differentiated by SEO, because after considering all the technical strategies aspects, we also have to take into account the human aspect, the real mind that create the content;

–       ‘Netspeak’, speaking with the usual abbreviations, symbols and acronyms of Internet;

Referring to the last net-word, if you’re sufficiently curious about this topic, there’s a specific dictionary at your disposal – – here you can find all the net-words you want!

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