The Website of the Day

We are going to start this new category…the Website of the Day!

After some days of hard work… our 1 Minute Site platform is ready  and our users can start to create their websites!

A wide range of websites is available, feel free to choose among different versions of templates: Professional website, Personal website, Doctors, Law & Order, Toursim, Photography, Restaurants and clubs, Music & singer templates… all you prefer with 1 Minute Site.

1 Minute Site gives you the chance to create your free website in easy and quick steps. The steps you have to follow to have your website are only three:

1. Choose your graphics;

2. Add your contents;

3. Publish it.

Once you have created your website, it will be free forever. And you also have the possibility to update it whenever you want: you can add photo-galleries, upload and share attached contents and documents, change your template and write everything you want – obviously nothing too obscene, please!

So you’re free to completely manage your website and contents, update it, integrate 2.0 web apps and also have a basic optimization in order to reach the top search engines positions.

So now let’s take a look to the Website of the Day.., a creation by Betty and John Pillow from Texas!

Moreover, if you think you need something more complicated, with more pages and mail boxes to manage…or you need more web space and unlimited e-commerce, you will just need to update your version.

This is 1 Minute Site…enjoy it!

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