How to Widget? A general overview…

Let’s start from a definition of the word ‘WIDGET’. It was part of the slang used by computer programmers and it derives from the contraction between the two terms window’ andgadget’.

With the passing of time and growing of web experience, it has become a technical term in the IT dictionary: so now it can be defined as a part of GUI – Graphical User Interface.

All of the different elements in a webpage can be considered as widgets: a button, a scrollbar, an icon and so on…They are a sort of small apps that users can install in their pages and blogs or social networks, or directly on their computer!

In particular, they are like visual building blocks that display information and users can interact with them while taking advantages.

Widgets are useful because they can help you to have more contents, satisfy some of your curiosity by adding tools to your virtual spaces; the most popular widgets include calendars, weather guides, dictionaries, calculators, flight trackers, currency converters and games.

Here you can find a list of websites where you can find funny and helpful widgets that are really easy to download and install in your computer or your webpages or blog:


–       Google Gadgets;




Find your favourite ones and display them! Have a nice research!

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