How to seo: good contents or link building? Let’s see the way to improve your web visibility

Many times in our blog, we have talked about good contents and link building as keystones to increase your website visibility in search engines. Now let’s think about which one could really be considered as the key, in order to build a successful website?

Well, in the image on the left you can find the answer…no doubt, the contents are the key, above all if they are updated, interesting and well written!

Considering the remarkable post on the Italian TagliaBlog, there are at least 4 possible reasons:

content is more measurable than link value of links from social networks, blogs or directories. In fact, today, a content could be shared and voted and the results of these trends could be easily measured;

– thanks to good contents is more easily to get inbound links in a natural way, making the users spontaneously want to link to your website;

– if you don’t have enough time to write good contents, you can easily find specialists that can do it for you, instead of creating a more expensive SEO and link building specialists’ team; and not only economically speaking: SEO requires time and commitment and it does not always generate an immediate return;

– a website with good, interesting and frequently updated contents could be better scored by Google.  The launch of Google’s two algorithms updates – firstly Google Caffeine and secondly Google Panda – showed how the major search engine tends to privilege good contents.

No doubt that spreading link from forums, blogs and social networks to your website can be useful for its positioning on the major search engines, above all if it has already achieved a good level of web visibility and presence.

For this reason, at least at the beginning, we recommend you to mainly invest in the quality of your contents, giving useful information to your visitors.

Why not starting soon?


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