How can my website show up on Google? Tips for you

Have you just published your website but you still can’t find it on search engine results? Don’t worry, it’s just a question of time!

Probably, it won’t be easy to be in the search engines’ first-page results (maybe you’ll need our SEO specialists’ team), but you can get Google become aware of your site.

How you can do it? Here you are some tips about 1 Minute Site management:

1. Insert your page title

From the Administrators Control Panel, access to ‘PAGE SETTINGS’ and fill in the ‘Page title’ field. We advise you that title should be consistent with contents that you’ve already insert or you’ll decide to insert in the page. In fact, users can regularly see it in the web surfing menu.

2.  Specify your URL Key

From the ‘PAGE SETTINGS’ area, access the ‘ADVANCED SETTINGS’ and fill in the first field. Here you can add the specific URL address of each page. In order to get your page reachable with a specific keyword, we suggest you to write it also in this field.

3. Insert keywords

After entering URL Key, add your favourite keywords. In this way, your website will be easily indexed by search engines. We suggest you to not only insert your keywords in this field, but also in the body text of your contents.

4. Add a description

Fill in the field of description. Here you can add a description of your page’s content. You can delve into the topics, creating a more attractive text for the users who will view your page in the search results.

5. Change meta title

This option will enable you to change the HTML code of the title; in this way, it will be possible to insert different keywords from the ones in the title field, so that you can have a user-friendly search.

6. Create your website’s Sitemap

1 Minute Site allows you to insert your Sitemap, a tool that is particularly useful to get your pages reached by search engines. In fact, it could be considered as a sort of index of a website’s contents.

In order to create and publish your sitemap by a simple click:

–       Click on Edit Website

–       Add Content

–       Choose ‘ Add Sitemap’.

7. Keep your website’s contents updated and fresh always write and post new interesting things!!

8. Sign up to social bookmarking tools

You can create your account and have your website as bookmark. Here you are some examples of social bookmarks:;

Ops…firstly…don’t forget to sign up!

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