Good ranking in Google search results

Which factors are relevant for it?

As everybody knows, the great mystery is Google algorithm. Although many researches, the explanation of Google criteria to be in the SERP is not possible to discover; but there are some general aspects that data show to be considered as useful for SEO.

Be at the top of search engine results is not so simple and competitors can be very difficult to face. In this case, web marketing has to be done continuously and in an effective way.

The first thing to do is creating interesting web contents that need to be optimized. For this reason it is useful to create a good page structure, with all the necessary elements for the positioning in the SERP. These elements are: URL, tags (title) and meta tags (description, keywords); one more element generally appears in a web page and it can be used for the SEO strategy: the image. A useful thing to do is to add the tag alt, or better, alt attribute to it, because it helps to be positioned in the SERP of the contents and also to appear in the images searches. As regards the image, it is also suggested to add its tag title, in order to explain to the spiders what is represented.

The following steps regard the web contents management – the text of the pages. Aspects to consider are: keyword density, text structure and outbound links.

– Keyword density is the number of repetition of each of them divided by the total number of words in the page. It is necessary to repeat the keywords of the title tag and keywords meta tag in the text, using them in a homogeneous way throughout the body text.

– the structure of the text consists of the number of words you can enter, between 500 and 800, and their arrangement in different paragraphs, so that users can easily read and focus on the different parts.

– finally, using outbound links is very advantageous; links should connect pages whose topics have to be consistent with those of the text. Then, the more the external linked pages are to relevant and institutional sites, the more there is the chance to reach high top ranking positions.

Generally considering the factors that are relevant for a good ranking, it is possible to list:

–       good and consistent web contents;

–       number of consistent out- and backlinks;

–       limited advertisement (too much is detrimental);

–       keywords domains (use of keywords in the domain name);

–       social signals (especially form Facebook, Twitter and Google+).

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