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How can my website show up on Google? Tips for you

Have you just published your website but you still can’t find it on search engine results? Don’t worry, it’s just a question of time! Probably, it won’t be easy to be in the search engines’ first-page results (maybe you’ll need our SEO specialists’ team), but you can get Google become aware of your site. How [...]

How to add Kreative Contents

Are you searching for new topics and write interesting web article and contents? Would you like to join a lot of users and fans by adding something creative to your website or blog? The web provides users with many social blogs, social community, online magazines and forums that could open your mind and let you [...]

The Website of the Day

We are going to start this new category...the Website of the Day! After some days of hard work... our 1 Minute Site platform is ready  and our users can start to create their websites! A wide range of websites is available, feel free to choose among different versions of templates: Professional website, Personal website, Doctors, [...]

Weblogging: We Blog or Web Log?

Don’t try to think about a right choice. There’s a connection between the two terms. Usually, people start blogging because they need to interact, by creating, writing and speaking things out loud; and people start logging into their web pages for the same reason. Yes, we all know, the web offers you the chance to [...]

Oneconventional Writing

Working-hours-as-a-Blogger If you’re bored about your work, if you were supposed to work hard and improve your computer and ‘social media skills’ day by day but things are different from what you expected, please, don’t panic! You’re not the only one in this kind of situation, for sure; someone can understand and share your mood… [...]

Not so virtual net-words

Have you ever listened to people talking about ‘internetting’ or saying “I’m a netpreneur” or have you ever read about ‘netnography’? Well, if you think they’re related to the NET world, you’re right, but let’s find out the exact meaning… …and don’t worry, because while writing this article, also Microsoft Office Word dictionary doesn’t recognize [...]

Social networking: well begun is half done…

How social media and social networking are important for our brands we all know, at least we should. A lot of studies prove that they are necessary to improve brand reputation, increase brand awareness and marketing challenges, build a strong brand identity, by spreading brand interaction. Social networks, in fact, allow any company to better [...]

Online surveys: how to carry out and have them in your website

Have you ever thought about making your website look alive and contents look exciting? Have you ever thought that by publishing an online survey, a test or a quiz you can reach this aim? It’s a useful method to involve your users by asking them feedbacks about your products and services, or comments and opinions on [...]

HCO?…Human Contents Optimization

What are we talking about? It’s a sort of SEO, but in this case the protagonists are human, or better ‘the human factor’. Definitely, the aim of any SEO specialist is to get his contents to the top of Google searches, through web pages indexing and their positioning. At the beginning of this process there’s [...]

Good ranking in Google search results

Which factors are relevant for it? As everybody knows, the great mystery is Google algorithm. Although many researches, the explanation of Google criteria to be in the SERP is not possible to discover; but there are some general aspects that data show to be considered as useful for SEO. Be at the top of search [...]

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